GM CEO Mary Barra featured on cover of Fast Company

November 10, 20161 minute read

fastco_mbFast Company describes Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors since 2014, as “America’s most steely, unlikely, crash-tested, driven, high-stakes, overlooked, shrewd, catalytic, embattled, collaborative, patient CEO.”

The cover story by Rick Tetzelli tells how Barra, a 35-year veteran of GM, including leadership roles in supply chain, must fundamentally change the company’s culture “to keep pace in the race to reinvent transportation.”

According to the article, Barra has launched a “slew of initiatives,” including a program called “GM 2020, which builds “co-labs,” a year-long “transformational leadership” course for senior executives, and a two-day off-site focusing on the interactions of her top 16 reports.

GM is working to innovate and lead in arenas such as alternative connectivity, ride sharing, alternative propulsion, and autonomous technology.