“It is important in any organization you’re in, to never settle and become complacent with the status quo.”

October 27, 20161 minute read

— Julie Ludwig, a student at Miami University and one of five university women receiving an AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarship to attend the CSCMP annual conference and the AWESOME Symposium. The five 2016 recipients bring the total of AWESOME Scholars to 17, including two recipients in 2013, five in 2014, and five in 2015.

Each scholarship recipient writes an essay about her experience at the CSCMP Conference. In addition to the Words of Wisdom below, the students’ bios, excerpts from their essays, and complete essays are posted in the Scholarships section.

“I enjoyed connecting with other scholars because we were like-minded individuals that shared a passion for supply chain.” Annie Zheng, Syracuse University

“The opportunity to be surrounded with successful professionals, innovative supply chain solutions, and impactful speakers felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Hannah Walcher, Colorado State University

“Attending the CSCMP conference really opened my eyes to the endless opportunities that are out there within the supply chain field.” Kaitlyn Gerard, University of Kansas

“Being able to openly communicate with the different attendees on an open playing field allowed for us as scholars to build relationships with those who we were introduced to and exposed to.” Kyani Alford, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville.

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