SCDigest  Editor shares impressions from AWESOME’s CSCMP Mega Session

October 05, 20162 minute read

Dan Gilmore, Editor of SCDigest, reviewed the sessions he attended at CSCMP, including the Mega Session powered by AWESOME. In his video summary, Dan highlights key discussion points, including examples from panelists about what their companies have learned and practices they’ve put in place to drive innovation. All four panelists are members of the AWESOME network.

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Examples he cites include:

Gilmore was particularly interested in noting experiences relayed by the AWESOME panel, because he has observed in the past that supply chain innovation is often a response to product innovation, and is distinct from innovation focused directly on the supply chain, a topic he is researching and plans to write about in the future.

In his video commentary, Gilmore also highlights a presentation by Mary Long, the new Chair of CSCMP’s Board of Directors and an AWESOME Advisor. He described her remarks as being about “the purpose-driven supply chain life.”

Another friend of AWESOME is featured in the video: Johnson & Johnson, Host Partner of the 2015 AWESOME Symposium, was recognized as runner-up for the 2016 Supply Chain Innovation Award for development of a multi-level tracking system in collaboration with software company DMLogic.