Gartner names Top 25; AWESOME is connected to all 25

June 30, 20161 minute read

Gartner has released its 25 top supply chain list for 2016, and all 25 companies have leaders who are members of the AWESOME network, including our recent Symposium Host Partners, Johnson & Johnson (2015) and NIKE, Inc. (2016).

Three of AWESOME’s Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award recipients are at the top of their top supply chain: Kathy Wengel (2015), Johnson & Johnson; Annette Clayton (2016), Schneider Electric; and Jackie Sturm (2016), Intel. A total of 120 women in the AWESOME network are connected to companies on the top 25 list.

Congratulations to these companies and these leaders for being recognized.

The metrics used include return on assets (ROA) (Net income / total assets); inventory turns (Cost of goods sold / inventory levels); and revenue growth (change in revenue from prior year. Corporate responsibility also was factored in for the first time.

Dan Gilmore, Editor of Supply Chain Digest, gives a detailed explanation of the rankings in an article titled Understanding the 2016 Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain Rankings.

Congratulations to these AWESOME leaders and others recognized for supply chain excellence.

As part of the process, Gartner identified three key trends of the top supply chains: closer, customer-driven partner integration, further adoption of advanced analytics and a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. The full report is available by signing on to the Gartner website.