Elle magazine names more influential women in tech

June 15, 20161 minute read

While much attention has been given to the lack of women in top jobs in the tech industry, Forbes did name 16 women in tech jobs to its list of the World’s Most Influential Women. Their company names are well-known: Facebook, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Apple, Oracle, YouTube, Microsoft, and others. Elle magazine recently named 10 impressive women who are achieving success in tech businesses from not-profit ventures to start-ups.

According to an article written by Betsy Mikel in Inc., women named by Elle have either founded or hold leadership roles at Hello Alfred, Bumble, Trinity Ventures, Google Maps, PlanGrid, Sama Group Twitter, and Slack.

According to Ann Drake, AWESOME Founder and CEO of DSC Logistics, “We celebrate the progress of women in the tech field just as in other fields. Like our own supply chain profession, technology is still a male dominated industry, but more and more, companies are recognizing the need to tap into the talents of women, especially the strengths they bring in problem-solving, team-building, communication, and collaboration.”