AWESOME Communications Advisor is the author of a new book

May 19, 20161 minute read

Since the founding of AWESOME, Cheryl Harbour has used her journalism background and her passion for expanding opportunities for women to bring current and pertinent information to AWESOME members. In April, she published her first book focusing on another type of role for women: the experience of being a grandparent. Good to Be Grand: Making the Most of Your Grandchild’s First Year was recently named #1 on GRAND Magazine’s list of “Best Books for Grandparents.”

According to Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, “Cheryl often reminds us that AWESOME insights and inspirational stories should be part of the larger conversation about women’s leadership because so many of our challenges and successes also apply to women who are advancing in other traditionally male fields.” One of Cheryl’s responsibilities is to turn collective wisdom from AWESOME Symposiums into REALITY CHECK, the fifth volume of which will be published in the coming weeks.

Cheryl worked with AWESOME founder Ann Drake to develop AWESOME’s name and logo and explains that they are designed to encourage all of us to look at things in new and unconventional ways. GRAND Magazine’s description of Good to Be Grand says, “Harbour takes the best and most relevant information from the latest research, expert interviews, and parenting resources and tailors it specifically for grandparents, recognizing the unique bond they share with their children’s children.”