June 03, 20151 minute read

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes a serious shortage of talent in the supply chain profession, based on the increasing complexity of the business. The cause, according to experts interviewed for the article, is that “an understanding of technology and an ability to work in a global environment are increasingly important in the supply chain, forcing managers to look for people with a rare mix of specialized skills to manage this crucial aspect of their business.”

The article also cites a recent study by Deloitte Consulting LLP which surveyed 400 executives of multinational companies and found that “71% have difficulty recruiting senior leadership for their companies’ supply chains; 74% said they would need strategic thinking and problem-solving skills in their supply chain managers, but less than half said their companies are good at it now.”

This trend confirms what supply chain leaders have said repeatedly in discussions at AWESOME events: As the supply chain plays in increasingly important role in a company’s success, supply chain leaders need to have business acumen as well as technical skills. More than ever, they need to be at the decision-making table and be ready to contribute.