ALL Award Honoree discusses leadership style, confidence and how open communication impacts decision-making.

May 28, 20152 minute read

LentzDebbie_1465Debbie Lentz, Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Toys“R”Us, Inc., recipient of the 2015 AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award at the AWESOME Symposium on May 6, joined her co-recipient, Beth Ford, Executive Vice President, Chief Supply Chain and Operations Officer, Land O’Lakes, Inc., in a presentation regarding leadership in the supply chain industry. The presentation was moderated by Susan Purdum, Instructor, Supply Chain Management, Smeal College of Business and Faculty Affiliate, Penn State’s Center for Supply Chain Research.

Excerpts from Debbie Lentz’s participation at the AWESOME Symposium
On leadership style:

About having confidence in yourself

On situational leadership:

On listening to the people around you:

On why it’s great to be in supply chain now: