Why Workplace “Gamesmanship” Matters for Women

April 15, 20151 minute read

Susan Packard, who will moderate a panel of C-Suite leaders at the AWESOME Symposium, was interviewed by Bloomberg about her new book New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women at Work. All participants of the Symposium will receive a copy of her book.

During the three years Susan spent writing the book, it became clear to her “It’s important to see your workplace as a playing field that’s larger than just you and your supervisor.” She explained that “some of the people are competing with you and some are collaborating with you, and it changes every day.”

She also said, “A competitive spirit is a wonderful thing to unleash.”

Many of the 10 rules in the book apply to either women or men, but she said four or five of them apply to women specifically and these have to do with the issue of “likability.”

Susan was a co-Founder of Scripps Network and former COO, HGTV.