Designer featured in Wall Street Journal will display collection at AWESOME Symposium

April 15, 20151 minute read

Nina McLemore, a member of the AWESOME Symposium panel Inspiration in Action: Leading Through Change with Stories of Success – C-Suite Perspective, will have samples of her clothing collection on display and available for order throughout the Symposium. Nina was featured last July in a Wall Street Journal article “Women in Power Know Nina.”

According to the WSJ article, “At least a quarter of female chief executives at Fortune 500 companies have appeared publicly in her clothes or shopped with the label.” A sample of Nina’s clothing will be displayed and available for orders throughout the Symposium.

What makes Nina’s line of clothing so popular? The article explains, “Her success owes a lot to a paradox in women’s fashion. Women hold more government and corporate leadership positions than ever, and workplace style is more varied, flexible and creative than ever—far from the gray man-style tailoring of the past.” Recognizing the potential to help women dress for success, Nina build a successful business focusing on this under-served market.

Forbes magazine has also weighed in on a woman’s choice of wardrobe, stating “Executive presence” counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted.” From Nina’s perspective “appearance is the brand we create for ourselves.”