AWESOME invites sponsors to demonstrate support for women’s leadership

March 19, 20151 minute read

As an addition to the signature elements of the previous two symposiums, the third annual Awesome Symposium on May 6-7, 2015, will welcome sponsors for the first time. The event, which is being coordinated by two partner companies — Johnson & Johnson, the host partner, and DSC Logistics, the founding partner — involves women from a wide spectrum of supply chain leadership roles at diverse types of companies.

According to Dr. Nancy Nix, executive director of AWESOME, “We’d like sponsors to be more than a logo on a banner. There’s an important dialogue taking place and we invite our sponsors to be part of our Awesome collective wisdom. This is an opportunity to get their messages out to the leading women in our field.”

Depending on the level of sponsorship – ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 — sponsors will have the opportunity to provide a statement expressing their commitment and/or a description of what steps their company is taking to develop leaders and advance women. Interested companies or individuals can learn more about the sponsorship options and benefits at our Symposium website or by contactIng Dr. Nix at