“As senior women, we can’t afford to keep our heads down.”

March 04, 20151 minute read

“As senior women, we can’t afford to keep our heads down. We’re accountable to other women coming along and to the whole next generation of workers. We’re accountable to our shareholders to provide the best operating results. Diversity around the executive table broadens debate that makes companies perform better. Endless data support that financial excellence is maximized with a diverse slate of senior officers.”

— Susan Packard, writing about “Gamechangers” in her new book New Rules of the Game: One of the industry-wide initiatives she highlights as making a difference in the ability of women to succeed in their field is AWESOME. Susan will be the moderator for the discussion by C-Suite leaders at the AWESOME Symposium.

In an interview for the book, Ann Drake, founder of AWESOME, was asked what women gain from being involved in AWESOME. She answered, “Women get confidence, they get connections, somebody to talk to, kindred spirits. Even today I had a meeting inside my company with seven of our mid- to upper- level women leaders who are participating and helping me with AWESOME. When I walked into the meeting, the energy was there. I had just come from an important industry meeting where out of eighteen people in the room, there was only one other woman besides me. We need AWESOME.”