New Symposium Feature Invites AWESOME Women to Include Emerging Leaders

January 14, 20151 minute read

The third annual AWESOME Symposium — to be held May 6-7 at the corporate headquarters of Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey — will offer opportunity for senior-level leaders to support the advancement of up-and-coming women. Both previous Symposiums have included discussions on ways companies can develop future leaders – but this new feature will allow emerging leaders who are recommended by their senior counterparts to actually attend the Symposium. The guests will participate in Symposium sessions, but will also take part in a special session designed specifically for them and be able to network directly with their peers.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for developing talent in your organization, and a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to network with and learn from senior leaders in supply chain,” said Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director. “We believe that by sharing success stories and exposing emerging women leaders to new ideas, opportunities to learn from role models, different businesses, and new ways of thinking, we can help them strengthen their leadership capabilities, achieve their potential, and advance their careers.”

More details about registration for the Symposium, as well as the criteria and process for recommending an emerging leader to attend, will be available soon on the website and in AWESOME email “Alerts.”