“What differentiates (supply chain) leaders is that they have moved beyond the discussion phase to make the hard changes that are required throughout the organization.”

December 10, 20142 minute read

— Article in Supply Chain Management Review (September-October issue), focusing on Gartner’s 10th annual Supply Chain Top 25

In reviewing the past decade and identifying characteristics shared by leading supply chain performers, Gartner recognized these characteristics are “easier to talk about than to actually implement.” For that reason, being willing and able to make the hard changes sets leaders apart.

The characteristics that differentiated consistent leaders include:

Every year Gartner identifies “the companies that best exemplify the demand-driven ideal for today’s supply chain and document their best practices, which can help all companies move closer to their demand-driven goals.”

Original source: http://www.gartner.com/technology/supply-chain/top25.jsp (requires sign in)
Also covered in Supply Chain Management Review, September / October 2014