Talent needed to manage supply chain trends increasing

November 25, 20141 minute read

A recent article in Industry Week noted that various trends, including “the widespread adoption of digital technologies, the increasing need to tailor operations for different customer segments, and a heightened focus on supply chain risk—will continue to raise the bar for supply chains and the skills needed to manage them.” Yet, a major challenge for the supply chain is the talent shortage.

According to Dr. Nancy Nix, Executive Director of AWESOME, “The intensity of the talent shortage puts extra urgency into the importance of developing and advancing women as supply chain leaders, drawing from their strengths and skills to address industry challenges.”

Joseph Roussel, the author of “Making Talent Part of Your Supply Chain Strategy,” also notes that “for many organizations, the talent problem is exacerbated by the desire to keep headcount costs down.” He cautions that “focusing exclusively on the cost component of the talent equation can ultimately prove detrimental.”