AWESOME Scholars share impressions from the CSCMP Conference

November 25, 20141 minute read

For the second year, AWESOME presented scholarships to university women and enabled them to attend the global conference of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals). In 2013, two students received scholarships and in 2014, the number was increased to five. A requirement of the scholarship is that the scholars write an essay about the experience. Read excerpts

One of the consistent themes of the essays is that the students were inspired by the confidence and competence of successful supply chain women leaders. They were able to connect with many of those leading women at an AWESOME reception the night before the conference started. They also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to attend an event geared to professionals, rather than students, and a desire to help other young women enter and advance in the profession when they are firmly established in their own careers.

One of AWESOME’s priorities is to facilitate the development of future leaders.