AWESOME Report highlights key insights from CSCMP sessions

November 12, 20141 minute read

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Key insights and comments on issues related to not just women but the supply chain industry as a whole have been captured in The Awesome Report, now available on At the global conference of CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals), held September 21-24 in San Antonio, Texas, six sessions on diversity and inclusion, coordinated and powered by AWESOME, raised the interest in women’s supply chain leadership to a new level.

All six of the sessions focused on some aspect of diversity, including global assignments, family-friendly work environments, leveraging networks, learnings of top women in the field, diversity programs, and managed balanced teams.

According to Nancy Nix, Executive Director of AWESOME, “The goal of the Report is to bring professionals – both men and women – throughout our industry up-to-date on what people are thinking, learning and doing to advance women as supply chain leaders. Leadership in our industry is transforming at a quickening pace, and women are eager to share their experiences and their lessons to support each other and also to develop future leaders.”

AWESOME also publishes a more in-depth version of “collective wisdom” entitled Reality Check as a follow-up to the annual AWESOME Symposiums. Three volumes of Reality Check have been published so far. The 2015 AWESOME Symposium will be held on May 7, 2015 and will be hosted by Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey.

Download The Awesome Report