Video on Loyola University’s new supply chain initiative features Ann Drake

October 29, 20142 minute read

The Quinlan School of Business of Loyola University Chicago is launching a major initiative on supply chain management and has produced a video featuring Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and founder of AWESOME. In the video, Ann shares insights from her career, as well her thoughts on the importance of leadership, partnerships, collaboration and teamwork in delivering customer value.

“Supply chain education is important to the advancement of our profession,” Ann said. “Participating in this video is one way I can support the development of strong supply chain leaders for the future.”

According to John Caltagirone, Director of the Quinlan School’s Supply and Value Chain Center, Ann was chosen for the video because of her knowledge of the supply chain profession and her contributions as an outstanding woman leader in the field.

The video shows Ann in DSC’s Corporate Office and Meeting Center, speaking to the company’s management group, and also in downtown Chicago talking about the transformation of the supply chain. The connection between Quinlan and DSC is through SINC, the Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago, a council launched by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as part of World Business Chicago. Ann Drake is a board member of SINC and Quinlan is an academic partner.

In the video, Ann describes the school as rooted in real values and traditions, yet taking a fresh comprehensive approach to the supply chain. .

According to its website, “The Supply and Value Chain Center of the Quinlan School of Business of Loyola University Chicago is dedicated to the development of leading-edge strategies and practical solutions to problems encountered by the business community relative to the management of the end-to-end supply chain.”