If a company wants to ensure diversity, what can it do?

October 16, 20141 minute read

This question was raised at the 2014 AWESOME Symposium, and one of the strongest recommendations was to change the mix in the talent pool. Participants agreed that what it takes may be issuing the requirement that 50% of an applicant pool needs to be women. It’s necessary to be intentional, because if the pool “formulates itself,” it’s going to come out “all white male.”

It was also suggested that one reason more doors have opened to women– enabling them to expand their supply chain leadership and play a more prominent role in the competitive environment — is that the industry has evolved. Today’s technology enables better analysis, so the contracts that have just been renewed time after time and the relationships that were established long ago are getting a second look. The industry is moving away from the “old boy network” toward a meritocracy, with new opportunities opening up.

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