New study confirms positive impact of women’s leadership

August 13, 20141 minute read

Findings of the most comprehensive study yet on the relationship between successful companies and the percentage their leaders who are women have been described in a Forbes article, “Companies Do Better With Women Leaders (But Women Need More Confidence To Lead), Study Says.”

The worldwide study, conducted by DDI, a Pittsburgh-based human resources consulting firm, and The Conference Board, a nonprofit business research group, found that companies that are in the top 20% based on financial performance have at least 27% of leaders who are women. In the least successful companies surveyed, only 19% or less of leaders are women.

Unlike previous studies, which showed similar results by focusing only on leaders in a company’s top ranks, this study also included leaders throughout the organizational structure, defining “leader” in broader terms, such as manufacturing supervisor. Women’s leadership in positions throughout diverse management levels seemed to overall company success.